Florida cyclist’s path blocked by alligators

A woman taking a bike ride on a Florida trail captured video when she found her path blocked by a large alligator — with a second gator lurking nearby.

Brenda Stelzer said she was riding her bike at Bird Rookery Swamp Sanctuary in Naples when she spotted the alligator parked across the trail ahead of her. A second alligator was nearby, parallel to the trail.

Stelzer said she was considering her options for getting past the gators when the animals moved out of her way on their own.’

Win Everham, a professor of ecology and environmental studies at Florida Gulf Coast University, said alligators encountered on trails are unlikely to pose a threat to cyclists and hikers.

“If you see a gator on a trail he is not there waiting to catch you and pull you off your bike he is just getting sun and doesn’t want to be disturbed,” he said.

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